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What REALLY matters is what is in between the blade and your skin.Packed with oils to lubricate and allow the razor to glide over your skin with less irritation. Use The Good Stuff with your blade of choice and get a smoother shave. Period. If you don’t agree it is the smoothest shave you have ever had, we’ll give you your money back. Guaranteed.


With a light, clean fresh scent, hydrate your skin & protect it from the suns harmful rays. Rich, creamy & it includes SPF15 with no greasy, shiny residue. Moisturize it. Protect it.


SHAVE LATHER With Pre-Shave Oil

It’s simple, pre-shave oil works but it’s an extra step, messy and clogs your razor. We’ve put it in there to create a continuous glide that will lubricate throughout your entire shave while providing a rich lather. Two steps just became one.


ONE OF A KIND Sensitive Skin Formula Aftershave

Irritation? Sensitive skin? Ingrown Hairs? Not anymore. Our original formula aftershave is designed to soothe your skin and help soften your hair follicles to help prevent ingrowns. Can also be used before you apply our SPF aftershave twice a week to keep your new hairs soft.


I use The Good Stuff every day, best by far. I love it! Amazingly smooth shave and the aftershave smells great and leaves my skin feeling great.

Peter Milden

I’ve always used top of the line shave products so I couldn’t imagine there would be anything out there that could improve upon what for me was already a proven and great shave product. Any doubtful thoughts I may have had about The Good Stuff quickly perished after my first shave. No question about it – The Good Stuff affords me the smoothest shave I have ever had.

Jody Moore

I hear them talk about the razor not being important and it’s true. Not only has the quality of the razor I use become less important but the frequency I need to switch out the blade has changed as well, a big cost savings! It’s pretty amazing.

Bob Drinon